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Hey I'm Amanda

owner and wedding lover

I could have a wedding a year, and I don’t think I’d ever get tired of them. And, if you ask my husband he would likely say that two’s enough. We’ve been married twice in nine years & each and every one of our years spent together have been better than the last.
Whimsy & Wry was created from my passion for weddings, but it grew to be the amazing little shop it is now because of each bride that we’ve helped to find her dream wedding look. Seriously! There’s a connection that’s formed from the moment our brides try on their first dress with us, and that instantaneous friendship has become one of my favourite things about this business. 
At Whimsy and Wry, we focus on carrying ethical designers, not just so we can say that we do, but because I genuinely believe in slow fashion and trying to make the world a better place. This is my passion project, my child (as I always say) & my favourite adventure. It’s not just about finding a dress to me, it is about bringing your vision and your joy to life. 
I hope you enjoy everything Whimsy & Wry has to offer as much as I do.

Fun Fact

I love road trips & travelling to new places

Fun Fact

I still drive my first car - it’s 14 years old

fun fact

Sweets over salty food



I am so so happy with my dress and I seriously cannot express how comfortable and amazing Amanda made me feel—it was amazing.

 - Tasha

I never thought I would look beautiful like that. Thank you for making my dress the best it could’ve possibly been.

 - Brooklyn

I was not only impressed by the thoughtful collection of dresses and designers I was also blown away by your energy and playfulness when I made my second trip to Whimsy and Wry to pick up my dream dress.  You filled the void of the missing bridesmaids despite only meeting in person once before. My experience at Whimsy and Wry was incredible! 

 - jessica

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