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Infact, you’ve been pushing the limits since day one. Craving original, authentic and genuine styles. You're not afraid to go against the grain and you want your wedding dress to embody that. 

We got you. 

At Whimsy & Wry we embrace your edgy, bold & fearless personality.  We're ready to hear all your wildest dreams.
 This is your shop, to be unapologetically you on your search for the perfect wedding dress.

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At Whimsy & Wry we know your wedding is more than just a single dress, it’s a whole vibe! That’s why when hand selecting our designs we look past the pieces and envision the final look. We know how important this day is and making sure your dress not only makes you look & feel like the bombshell you know you are, but compliments every aspect of your day is what we were born to do. 

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I am so so happy with my dress and I seriously cannot express how comfortable and amazing Amanda made me feel—it was amazing.

 - Tasha

I never thought I would look beautiful like that. Thank you for making my dress the best it could’ve possibly been.

 - Brooklyn

I was not only impressed by the thoughtful collection of dresses and designers I was also blown away by your energy and playfulness when I made my second trip to Whimsy and Wry to pick up my dream dress.  You filled the void of the missing bridesmaids despite only meeting in person once before. My experience at Whimsy and Wry was incredible! 

 - jessica



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